Simply Choices by Wellness Foods
The Simply Bar



Vegetarian Protein Bars


All Simply Choices are vegetarian. The Simply Bar and Simply Protein Chips are completely dairy-free, making them a great vegan snack.

Most protein bars contain whey, gelatin, collagen or a list of ingredients that you can't pronounce. The whole idea behind The Simply Bar was to create a bar with 12 or less simple ingredients. Each bar offers 16g of protein for 160 calories or less, making it suitable for anyone trying to lose weight, athletes and even vegetarian body building.

What’s in Simply Choices?

  • We adhere to simple principles: foods that are easy to digest and environmentally cautious.
  • All of our products are made with 12 ingredients or less (no preservatives or extra ingredients that you can’t pronounce).
  • Simply Protein Chips and Simply Bars do not contain honey or eggs and are completely dairy-free. Simply Whey contains no honey or eggs.
  • The Simply Bar and Simply Protein Chips have 20% of our recommended daily iron intake and 16g of protein. Vegans require more protein because the iron from a plant-based diet is less easily absorbed. We recommend eating our bars with some Vitamin C for optimal protein absorption.

Non-GMO soy is used in The Simply Bar, pea protein in Simply Protein Chips and whey protein in Simply Whey. Soy is a whole protein with all essential amino acids. Furthermore, we use the cleanest soy (non-GMO soy). More  and more protein bars are relying on whey. Many people don't realize that this is milk protein and presents a problem for anyone who doesn't drink milk for health or ethical reasons.