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Simply Switches

Join the Simply Switches Giveaway Program - Share Your Simply Switches By Posting In Our Guest Book...

How many new years have you kicked off by saying, “my diet starts now,” or “this year I’ll hit the gym every day”?

We often put huge, unrealistic pressures on ourselves in order to make changes to our diet and exercise habits, but if you’re like us, this approach just hasn’t worked. So we’ve decided to try something simple in 2011:

Simply Switches is our “get real” resolution: a campaign to make health a habit, one switch at a time.

What are Simply Switches? They’re small, achievable shifts in eating, exercise and lifestyle habits – simple changes that don’t require a lot of effort, but really go the distance for your health. A Simply Switch can be choosing a green tea instead of a sugary latte in the afternoon, or going to a yoga class after work instead of going home to watch TV.

By making 2 or 3 switches each day, we’re resolving to make positive changes that actually last. Join us!

We’ll be tracking our switches on Facebook daily (you can find us by searching “The Simply Bar”) with the help of Registered Dietitian Mary Bamford. Come share your switches and join our interactive discussion – we’ll talk about what works, what doesn’t, and we’ll keep each other motivated!

To keep you going, we’ll give away two boxes of Simply Bars to a different Facebook participant each week. And at the end of the month, we’ll give away 50 healthy lifestyle baskets, worth $150 each (because come February, we’re all going to need a boost to keep switching!)

Join the Simply Switches Giveaway Program - Share Your Simply Switches By Posting In Our Guest Book... ^ Top^ Top

    Wellness Meetings

It's Monday morning…
You're feeling a little groggy and slow, but that 8am meeting is mandatory. No time for breakfast, but at least there will be a morning snack. You arrive at the meeting and what do you see? The same old - same old: muffins, pastries and that debatable burnt, corner-store coffee. Muffins & pastries may be delicious…but they quickly slow us down, and certainly don’t help us get pumped up about our Monday morning agenda.
"Wellness Meeting Snacks" will shake up the meeting routine, and get the day off to the right start. This kit includes an informative read, several tasty Simply Bars, and three wonderful tea flavors from nourishtea (along with helpful tips for tea steeping). We might not be able to get rid of "Bob" from accounting, but we can definitely improve the meeting snacking experience!
To receive the meeting snacks package, we do require that you submit what type of meeting you will be hosting, company information and how you will be representing Wellness Foods. We would also love to get some photographs and feedback post meeting. We hope you will use the Wellness Meeting Snacks package in your own meetings and suggest it to co-workers, peers and anyone you might know who might be interested. To book your kit, please email . ^ Top^ Top

    The Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is a way for existing customers to help us promote The Simply Bar. Who better than existing fans to represent us and spread the word about Wellness Foods, The Simply Bar and upcoming new products?
Our ambassadors are individuals who help to get the word out about our product and healthy ways of living. We reward our ambassadors with free bars for themselves, t-shirts and other giveaways. It gives us the opportunity to reach a further market and spread the health that much more.
To become an Ambassador and join the Wellness Foods team, please email . ^ Top^ Top