The Simply Bar
Dana Wilson

Donna Vakalis

The Most Protein for the Least Calories

High Protein, Low Calorie Best Protein Bar with Fewer Than 12 Ingredients

We care about the ingredients we use. When creating Simply Choices, one of our driving principles was simplicity – simple ingredients that are tasty, vegetarian and easy-to-digest.

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12 ingredients or less
12 ingredients or less - and you can pronounce them all! Many protein bars have 30 or more ingredients. Most of which you have never even heard of!
Quality ingredients
We use organic ingredients where possible because we care about how and where our food is grown. Some of the ingredients we use include organic sweeteners ( brown rice syrup), organic cocoa and organic coffee. We pay a premium to ensure that the soy protein we use is not genetically modified; currently less than 10% of the soy in North America is non-GMO!
You can rest assured that The Simply Bar, Simply Whey, and Simply Protein Chips are cruelty-free and guaranteed to be free of the antibiotics and hormones sometimes found in animal-based proteins.
The Simply Bar was designed with a gastroenterologist so that even people with compromised digestion (like those with Crohn’s and colitis) can easily digest them.
Iron rich
The Simply Bar and Simply Protein Chips provide 20% of the daily recommended amount of iron. Eat it with a Vitamin C rich fruit or vegetable to further improve iron absorption.
High in calcium
Simply Whey is a great source of calcium.
Simply Choices have natural flavours from wholesome ingredients including real peanuts, raspberries, organic cocoa and coconut. For a savoury treat, try our new Simply Protein Chips (Herb and Chili).