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I've been a vegetarian for over a decade now and am always on the lookout for a healthy and tasty vegetarian protein source, particularly when I'm training for a race. I was thrilled when I discovered Simply Bars. Their ingredients, taste (!) and on-the-go convenience make them a perfect midday or post-race snack. They satisfy sweet cravings too which is an added bonus!

Dana Wilson

I have to be very particular about what I eat to fuel the long training hours for five sports; I need to balance nutrition for concentration at technical events and school with long-lasting energy for aerobic and sprint training sessions all in the same day. The gradual release of energy that I get from the Simply Bar and its simple clean quality nutrients are the ideal mix. I remember the first time I came across a Simply Bar: I am always reading the ingredients lists of the different bars for comparison. I had to read the nutritional information on the Simply Bar twice to believe it: the Simply Bar wins hands down for the best ingredients as well as the best proportions of macronutrients. I recommend Simply Bars to athletes for an ideal recovery snack for its protein, and as a yummy pre-training snack that doesn't have the processed sugars and tacky ingredients often found in other bars. I also recommend Simply Bars to my family to encourage them to make healthier eating choices.

Donna Vakalis
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