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The Simply Bar

Throughout my training schedules for running, I can't ever be without "The Simply Bar"
I look forward to refueling my body after every run with a Chocolate Peanut Butter Simply Bar. The fact that these bars have 16G of Protein is just amazing and in my opinion is the best thing you could ever put in your body after any type of excercise."
Runners always talk about having that "perfect" run. I can say that no matter how the run goes, I always can look forward to relaxing my muscles, kicking back and enjoying a "Simply Bar."-I make it a habit to not leave home without one in my pocket!

Cecilia Mclaughlin

I have to be very particular about what I eat to fuel the long training hours for five sports; I need to balance nutrition for concentration at technical events and school with long-lasting energy for aerobic and sprint training sessions all in the same day. The gradual release of energy that I get from the Simply Bar and its simple clean quality nutrients are the ideal mix. I remember the first time I came across a Simply Bar: I am always reading the ingredients lists of the different bars for comparison. I had to read the nutritional information on the Simply Bar twice to believe it: the Simply Bar wins hands down for the best ingredients as well as the best proportions of macronutrients. I recommend Simply Bars to athletes for an ideal recovery snack for its protein, and as a yummy pre-training snack that doesn't have the processed sugars and tacky ingredients often found in other bars. I also recommend Simply Bars to my family to encourage them to make healthier eating choices.

Donna Vakalis
Wellness Foods
  337 Grace Street
Mailing Address Toronto, ON
  M6G 3A8
Phone 1 (800) 547-5790
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Wellness Foods is a small Canadian, female owned and managed company that was started in 2002 by Cathy Richards, Founder and CEO (Chief Enthusiasm Officer), and has been “an overnight success” in 10 years!  Cathy created the Simply Bar because she couldn't find a filling and nutritious snack that didn't upset her stomach. Diagnosed with Crohn’s disease since she was twelve, Cathy struggled to find a satisfying snack. “Our mission is to make healthy snacks for busy people,” says Cathy. 


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