Wellness Foods Environmental Plan
At Wellness Foods we are committed to fuelling our bodies with the very best. Likewise we are committed to making sure our company maintains the lowest possible impact on our planet.
Office Life:
Wellness Foods continues to strive to reduce its ecological footprint as much as possible. We have simple rules that continue to ensure our office is as environmentally friendly as possible.
Product Demonstration:
The Simply Bar Demo team is instructed on the importance of our product sampling and event participation being as environmentally friendly as possible.
 Sourcing Ingredients:
At Wellness Foods we use three methods to reduce our overall carbon emissions:
Future Initiatives:
We are always exploring different, new, and innovative methods to make our company more eco-friendly. We continue to search for the greenest ingredients possible to utilize within our bars, as what we manufacture is our biggest contribution to our footprint.
These are some specific things we are looking at for the future:



Please let us know what you think of our environmental plan: inquiries@wellnessfoods.ca